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HVAC Maintenance Near Oakwood, GA

AC Unit outdoor repair and maintenance

Residential Heating & AC Tune-Up Service in Oakwood, GA

  • A cleaner, more efficient HVAC system.
  • Fewer breakdowns that will result in costly AC repair service.
  • A longer lasting heating and cooling system.
  • More money savings in the long run.
  • Valid HVAC manufacturer warranties.

What’s included in my HVAC Maintenance visits:

Chemically Clean Outdoor Coils
Dirty outdoor coils can cause the freon pressures in the system to be too high and can lead to high power bills, compressor failure, a shortened life expectancy and inefficient heating and cooling operation.
Replace Filter if 1” (Specialty media filters are additional)
Most systems use a 1” filter, it is very important to keep these clean. A dirty filter can cause your system to freeze up, raise your power bill, shorten the system’s life expectancy and cause inefficient heating and cooling operation.
Check Static Pressure Through Duct System
We check this because if the static pressure is too high, it can cause premature fan failure, high power bills, compressor failure and inefficient heating and cooling operation.
Test All Electrical Components
There are a lot of electrical parts that make up your system. We go the extra mile and check them to see if they are reading correctly and to possibly catch an issue before it becomes one.
Check Freon Pressures and Readings
A professional technician can see a lot by just looking at the freon pressures. There are more important things it can tell you other than it just being too low or too high.
A Pound of Freon Per Year
Also included with your plan is one pound of freon per YEAR at no charge and if additional freon is needed a 10% discount will be applied to the cost. (Unit must be topped off completely when filling with freon.)
Check and/or Recalibrate Thermostat
Thermostats do more than just adjust the temperature in your home, they are the brain of the entire system that controls every with thermostats getting more and more complex due to the advancement of technology it is very important that they are set up correctly to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.
Check Insulation On Refrigerant Lines
If the insulation on the freon lines inside the home deteriorates, the condensation that forms can drip and cause water spots on the ceilings and walls. This can cause mold and mildew issues, which are health concerns. It can also decrease unit efficiency because the freon won’t be the correct temperature once it reaches the coils/compressor.
Check Temperature Drop and Rise
This is another way to see how well the system is heating or cooling which saves you money on your power bill and on potential future repairs. You have two freon lines going between your indoor and outdoor unit, known as the high and low-pressure lines or warm and cold lines. While the AC is on, the high-pressure line carries the warm freon to the indoor unit where it’s converted into a cold low-pressure vapor and the cold freon travels back to the outdoor unit to be compressed again. If you have a heat pump the flow is reversed during the winter to provide you with heat. It is very important that the temperature drop/rise between these two lines are within a certain range, if they are not this indicates a problem.
Check and/or Tighten Electrical and Freon Connections
This is important, over time the normal vibrations from the system running can cause the connections to loosen. Loose connections can cause the system to intermittently not work or fail altogether, lose valuable and expensive freon or be a potential electrical fire hazard. They can also cause premature compressor failure that can lead to costly repairs. We also check any visible wire for damage which can be a potential fire hazard as well. (Did you know rodents love to chew on wires?)
10% Discount on Any Repairs Needed
Unfortunately no matter how well your system is maintained, sometimes it still breaks down. So this is something a little extra Platinum Comfort Solutions offer to help our customers save money. You will also receive two free service calls per year (normally $75) in addition to your maintenance visits, even if no repairs are made. (Service call fees are always waived when recommended repairs are made while on-site and do not count against your two free yearly calls.)

Service call fees are always waived when any repairs are made while on site.


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