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About Us

“We provide PLATINUM HVAC service, at prices you can afford!”

Here at Platinum Comfort Solutions, our slogan says it all. Our goal is to provide premium HVAC contractor customer service while trying to save you, the customer, as much money as we can in the process—and while providing the best “Platinum” customer service experience possible.

Platinum to us means of the highest level or trim. That it is a high standard to live up to, so much so that it took us several weeks to even come up with the name that we felt would portray the type of HVAC services you receive from our  family-owned HVAC company.

Here at Platinum Comfort Solutions, the customers are our #1 priority, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are happy with every AC service we provide on every visit. The way it should be!

Who We Are

Platinum Comfort Solutions is a small, family owned and operated HVAC company by a brother/sister team with over 30 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry.

The office is run and managed by Melissa Prater (Boone), while the HVAC contractor service and field work is run and managed by Chris Boone. Our father Leonard Jorden, who has over 30 years of experience as a successful business owner in the HVAC industry, is involved as our adviser so that we can have the additional knowledge to build a successful company that our customers can rely on.

With a total combined experience of 30+ years, you can rest assured that you’re in experienced hands, no matter the situation. We are eager to serve you and to earn your business now and in the foreseeable future. If you’d like to know more about us, our history in the industry, our goals for this company and how we plan to achieve them, please continue reading below. We hope to hear from you soon!

Our History


In 2003 at the age of 15 I started working at my parents’ HVAC company based out of Hall County, working in the office filing paperwork and addressing postcard mailers by hand as needed. Eventually in the coming years, I started having children of my own, so I decided that I wanted to be more involved in the family business. I began moving up the chain and started scheduling calls and working with my mom, Denise Jordan, in the office on a daily basis, helping her in any way she needed.

By the age of 21 I had 3 beautiful children to care for and knew that I needed to do whatever I could to provide the best life for them. Around the same time, our dad started having more flare ups with his back and was basically being forced out of the working field due to his pain, so our mom had to stop working as well to help take care of him. At that point, I was given the opportunity to become the office manager and work hand in hand with my brother, Chris, to help take over and run the company for our parents.

We ran the company for eight years while our dad, Leonard Jordan, was going through numerous back surgeries. Eventually, it just became too much for everyone to handle. In order to relieve some stress off of everyone, we decided to sell and merge the company in hopes that Chris and I would stay with the company and continue the ongoing relationship with our customers. Long story short is that it didn’t work out as everyone was expecting it to. Chris and I ended up having to leave due to disagreements in how the new owner treated us during the merger and how he conducted business, even though it meant losing the valued customers that were like family to us. Since then, Chris and I started working for another HVAC company based out of Sugar Hill and have been with them for over a year. Unfortunately there are a lot of things that we didn’t agree with in the way they treated their customers and conducted business, so we thought the best thing for us to do is open a family-owned HVAC company of our own so we can provide the top level of customer service that people deserve and that we were taught to provide.



Here is a little about myself since my sister pretty much told you about everything we are trying to accomplish and have been through with all the other companies we’ve worked for in the past. I’ve been in the heating and air conditioning industry for 16 years. I started at the age of 16 helping my dad with replacements of heating and air conditioning equipment in the evenings and on weekends while I was still in high school. Then, by the time I graduated high school in 2006, I started helping full time on service and installations.

I’ve gone through numerous amounts of training over the years and have certificates from Amana, Lennox and Trane, but I’m qualified to service all brands. I ran the service, sales and install side of my parents business for eight years with my sister Melissa when we decided to sell and merge. We had nearly 4,000 customers in the Hall County area.

Now, with the help of my sister, we are back to continue the excellent service our customers deserve with our own company. I strive to deliver quality service for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Our Goals

As a a family-owned HVAC Contractor, we strive to be different. We want to set ourselves apart from all these big corporate run businesses and keep it small and personal so we can build a lasting relationship with you.

To us, our customers are family, not just another number. We strive to deliver quality HVAC service for all your heating and air conditioning needs while keeping it as cost-efficient and painless as possible every step of the way.

You are our #1 priority, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are happy with every service we provide on every visit. Too many times we’ve seen customers be taken advantage of and lied to, now we are able to provide you with a company you can trust and rely on every time no matter what.

HVAC service call charge is only $75 for us to come out and waived if you complete AC repairs on-site.

10% Discount for Military, First Responders and Senior Citizens (ID verification must be presented on-site)

FREE in-home estimates on HVAC system replacements with financing options available

Give us a call today at 770-313-8685.

All major credit and debit cards accepted.

No additional work will be performed without approval from you first.

We’re quick to respond, because your priorities are our priorities.

Why is Platinum Right For You?

  • We are a small, honest family owned and operated company out of the Auburn, GA area.
  • As our customer, you are our #1 priority. We listen to what you need and act on your best interests.
  • You’ll receive a peace of mind knowing that we are fully licensed and insured. We provide proof of insurance upon request!
  • We provide regularly updated savings opportunities on our website as well as our Facebook page.
  • When you come to us for any and all of your HVAC service needs, you can always count on the fact that we will put our wealth of knowledge and experience to full use in order to provide you with customized heating and cooling solutions that are tailored to your needs, timelines and budget.

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